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26th May 2015

 Talbot House is:


Unique, Inspirational, Caring.


Those who know me, know I do not panic - and I certainly do not rush!


But, when a certain thing happened to me, which I never dreamed of happening - becoming a Mum at 60 - I had a massive black cloud hanging over me.


Carol had always been my big sister: we do everything together.


Our Mum always dealt with Carol's knickers and vests; which tablets to order; when hospital appointments were; doctor's appointments; holidays; properties; Carol's blood pressure; weighing Carol every day, that is EVERY day... the 'Mummy' things.


Underwear, medication ordering - when and where. Most people who have Down's Syndrome have a unique size: To buy lady's pyjamas had never been on my radar!


On the radio, I heard this voice say:


"Talbot House. Come and see us and have a cup of tea, if you are a carer."


I did not know what a carer was - it turned out that I am one.


I had been in there no more than three minutes. I had a cuppa.


I was in tears... but the cloud had gone. I had a blanket round me of 35 years experience of supporting people who care for people with special needs - 35,000 clients!


Talbot House is unique in the UK and it is in Manchester.


I am sure without Talbot House I would not be here today.


I learn something new every day.


Please, please have a look on the website.


Carers, people with special needs - The stories are there.








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