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31st October 2018


 Bernie’s Blog


Well here I am after all this time let’s see…the last blog was such a long time ago  and it was all  because our website was in need of lots of care to get us up to date and no money to  do this, well hooray!! We have now been lucky enough to find a volunteer who is dedicating some of his time and expertise to bringing our precious website up to date for which we are eternally grateful.

On to the blog……..

Since my last story I have to tell you that I was in a serious car crash, had to be cut out of my car and believe it or not folks I got away with a broken foot and some crushed ribs (who’s a lucky girl then?) After some time in plaster and hospital, then rehab (no drugs) for two months and now I am back in work and enjoying every minute of it (I think).

Talbot House is now seeing more and more desperate families especially because at long last Autism is being diagnosed in so many people as quite rightly it should, I have long said that our prisons are housing so many people who when they were young were not diagnosed, no support at home or school and so went on the wrong path (just my take on this)

Lots of families receiving our amazing support and practical help on a daily basis and this is because I have wonderful staff and volunteers.

The latest news is that I wrote to Minister Esther McVey inviting her to Talbot House to explain to us in real terms what exactly is Universal Credit and how does it work, well I knew she would not come personally but my letter said I would not accept a “pat on the head” for our good work and that it required action. Well after some phone contact we were visited by three Civil Servants sent on Esther’s behalf to try to explain UC.  After all the points we put to them about learning disabled and carers and how UC will not work for them they had to agree that these were areas that have not been taken in  consideration. So…..now I will be writing to Esther again and ask her for their feedback.

Well that’s all for now I will be back with you with news, views, and maybe bit of a moan sometimes. 


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